Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Containerization are established technologies, but using them efficiently in production or even securing the greenlight to implement them on a wide scale still presents a challenge for many practitioners.

At the same time, it is apparent that the distributed architectures celebrated in recent years often come at the price of observability, which has led to growing interest in techniques like Chaos Engineering, and thrown up new obstacles in areas such as Continuous Integration. And last, but not least, the onset of Serverless Computing is tempting the more forward-facing development teams.  

Normally, Continuous Lifecycle London would highlight the potential of all these technologies and methodologies, while showing how to overcome the obstacles developers, system architects, administrators, project leaders, strategists and CIOs may face in implementing them.

However, since Coronavirus made meeting in person hard to do this year, and we still want to get your questions answered. We have therefore gathered a fine line-up of practitioners to take a close-up look at the operational challenges teams face once the decision for a distributed architecture has been made – online

At Continuous Lifecycle Online, our expert speakers will share their real world experience on topics such as setting-up automatic deployments in the container space, infrastructure as code, making security and compliance part of the software delivery process, and monitoring heterogeneous setups. We’ll also investigate hype technologies such as service meshes and check where the pros weigh out the cons, giving you the tools needed to make an informed decision.

Although Continuous Lifecycle Online is a focused online event, we still want you to get your say and make it an interactive experience. We’ll therefore offer extended Q&A sessions after each talk and looking into other ways to have your specialist questions answered.

We will take you beyond the big ideas and grand visions, and show you how you can apply the latest tools and approaches to real world problems, whether at team or project level, or scaled up and right across a major enterprise.


  • Container security
  • Mixed infrastructure monitoring
  • Implementing DevOps methods
  • Compliance as part of continuous delivery
  • Service Meshes
  • Interaction and integration of different tools
  • Automated deployments

How we do it:

  • Top-class keynote speaker
  • Conference sessions with proven experts
  • Time and tech to connect with speakers and fellow attendees