Programme Committee


Sarah Wells is a  Technical Director for Operations and Reliability at the Financial Times, currently working on building a semantic publishing platform, providing access to all the FT’s published content and metadata via APIs. She has been a developer for 15 years.





Anne Currie, Container Solutions

Anne Currie has been in the software business for well over 20 years, working on C servers in the 90s, eCommerce in the 00s and infrastructure technology in the 10s. She is based in London and the Chief Strategist for Container Solutions where she is currently focused on cloud ethics.

Sam Everington, Starling Bank

Sam Everington joined Starling Bank in 2016 to lead a group of engineers building a new core banking system which runs entirely in the cloud. Originally his career started at a leasing software vendor where he covered the full lifecycle of system replacement projects for global banks and vehicle manufacturers.  Since joining Starling he has lead a number of teams, from the initial consumer app launch to the public APIs supporting the marketplace and commercial payment services.

Joe Fay, The Register

Joe Fay is director of content, events, at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.

Björn Bohn, heise

Björn Bohn works as an editor at the German publishing house Heise Medien. He mainly covers software development for the online channel heise Developer.

Julia Schmidt, Situation Publishing

Julia Schmidt works on events for Situation Publishing. Before that she wrote about all things software development, and was an engineer and software developer in the fields of machine learning, computer vision, and data compression.